Seasonal Training Liver

 Standing Pole Exercise for Liver
 1.1 The efficacy and safety have been scientifically proved. 
 1.2 It is easy to learn and convenient to practice.
 1.3  The exercise combine static and dynamic-moving parts
 1.4  There is a large range of motion for stretching soft tissues which activate the joints.  
 1.5 Movements are are coordinated with breathing. We can choose to pronounce “Xu” gently during exhalation, or just make the mouth form without the sound.
 1.6 Concentrate on particular acupoints. 
  2. Movements  
 2.1  Preparation: (1)posture, (2) breathing, and (3)mind.
 2.2 Light shed on Qimen Point
 2.3  Guide the Qi to Zhiyang Point
 2.4  Rest the mind on Mingmen point
 2.5  Heating the navel-area/Dantian
 2.6  Finishing: (1) clench the teeth 36 times (2) tongue stirring 3 left and 3 righ, (3) cheeks blowing 36 times, (4) swallow the saliva in 3 parts
 Liver and Gallbladder Exercise.
 (Exercise for regulating Liver’s Qi and improving Gallbladder’s function)
 1.  Features
 1.1  Mind: Concentrating on certain acupoints according to the symptoms. The flowing of qi under the acupoints feels like the stream flows continuously in the valley.
 1.2  Breathing: Abdominal breathing, mild, even, deep and long. 
 1.3  Physical movement: Twist and rotate the wrist and waist.  
 1.4 Special techniques: slap and press the particular acupoints.
 2. . Movements 
 2.1 金龙吐珠, jīn lóng tǔ zhū, Golden Dragon spits pearl , 
     mind focus on Dantian
 2.2 青龙探爪, qīng lóng tàn zhǎo, Green Dragon stretches out
      claws, focus Feng shi
 2.3 渔夫问津, yú fū wèn jīn, Fisherman asks for a harbour,
     focus Ming men
 2.4 墨燕点水,mò yàn diǎn shuǐ, Black swallow scrapes the water,
     focus Tai xi
 2.5 虎踞春山, hǔ jù chūn shān, Tiger sits on a spring mountain,
     focus Yong chuan
 2.6 沧海飞龙, cāng hǎi fēi lóng, Dragon flies to the turquoise
     sea, focus Yin bao
 2.7 鹏举斡身, péng jǔ wò shēn, General Pengju twists his body,
    focus Ming men
 2.8 息息归根, xī xī guī gēn, Breathing returns to the root,
     focus Dan tian

Music for Liver Standing Pole

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